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Jaimie My Client Story - Let's Do Freelance

Jaimie My Client Story

Hello fellow members..
Today I am not here to give you any tips regarding freelance etc but need to share 1 epic story of my client , guys I am talking to all of individuals who are involved in freelance business whether they are developer’s , designers , content writer whatsoever their niche is !

It’s the story of 57 year old man named jamie who is a business owner of a realestate in his country who came accross to IT services when there was not an era of GOOGLE ! he was looking for a website to be developed for his realestate business & according to him at that time freelance was not much very popular he hired team of individuals who was running small level setup in #INDIA regarding IT business ! He hired & paid huge $$ for his work.

After 8 years of working when he asked them that he need to stop working on a website for some reason & asked to handover his site code/property etc they refused & started blackmailing him because he told them that now he couldn’t spend more money on website as they were charging him huge for small stuff etc ! within next day they took every thing & vanished away his site from the server , he tried to backup through his hosting provider & the code was totally encrypted as it was coded with aspx that he came to know later after an year & now he left with nothing , he went to other developer’s  for help but nothing can be done as it was not a proper source code of the website , he was deeply in shocked mentally sick as he has paid much much dollars but he said money doesn’t have importance to him thing is that they betrayed & played with his trust level for 8 years.

According to him in those days security etc was not very much organized & even hosting providers have nothing in hand to facilitate him. So in final he loose his site he loose all of his money , those guys never  picked up his phone vanished there name/firm & just disappeared leaving nothing behind.

Literally I felt sorry when he was telling me his story & the reason he told me the story is when I asked him regarding his server Cpanel access for sorting out DB issues, he said MUHAMMAD ( usually he call me with my first name ) today it reminds me story that I need to share with you what happened to me in past 27 years back ! He never shared with me before only today when it came accross asking Cpanel from him he went 27 year’s back ! And the most interesting thing to me is that in those years he aim to learn programming & he build the same website for which now I am working with him is developed by his own from scratch to the end thumbs up for this man he didn’t have any IT background , not a programmer nothing , only a realestate business man but this incident made him a web programmer !

Guys you belong to an IT field or whatever your field is never play with someone  , never try to bypass & loose one’s trust level. All of you Know specially developer’s/programmers they have many ways how to capture client how to keep everything in their hand etc and how to keep client with you for the sake of money ! Try to earn Halal earning not HARAM ! And believe me these people trust you more when it comes to professionalism and once their trust is gone for whatsoever reason is they never trust back again with anyone else ! He paid them for 8 years and left nothing believe me if it’s done with me or you how it hurts how it feels !

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